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Intercultural Learning and Social Inclusion Through Culture – Testimonial

The project “Intercultural Learning and Social Inclusion through Culture” KA227 Exchange of good practices, which lasted 22 months, was a very promising project, as it involved people from different backgrounds and cultures, namely from Germany, Portugal, Spain and Turkey. This project allowed participants to collaborate with each other and carry out very significant activities for the field of Social Inclusion across different cultures, showing the power of diversity and the benefits that come from working between different cultures. The entire consortium, as well as the participants, committed themselves throughout the project to promoting values such as understanding and intercultural cooperation among all, so that in the future they maintain these values in the society where they are inserted, and transmit these good practices to the most vulnerable people. Even though the project has ended, it allowed the bonds created during the mobilities to remain until today, where all the activities carried out are remembered with a feeling of accomplishment and success. 

Sara Penouço European Project Manager – Mobility Friends

Loto – Youth worker AMEFE 


Jean-Pascal  Youth Worker FEM-e.V