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About Ilasitc

The project "Intercultural Learning and Social Inclusion Through Culture” starts from the common needs of the 5 partner institutions from Germany, Turkey, Portugal, Spain and France. Youth workers in these countries work with multicultural groups of young people of various nationalities and ethnicities due to migration (Germany, Portugal and France), with young people from various social and educational backgrounds (ES), with young people from various countries in Asia and Europe (TUR).

The main aim of the project is to allow youth workers from the 5 partner organizations, as target groups, to exchange ideas, practices and methods to reduce the risks of marginalization and discrimination in their regions and promote social inclusion. The Project objectives for youth workers are to acquire knowledge, skills, new and innovative non-formal activities for the education of young people from multicultural groups, and to develop new skills in creating attractive multimedia resources of European value using as support the elements of the national cultural heritage.

Our Project Team

Our team, very enthusiastic, is open to any collaboration that goes in the direction of our objectives. This project is important to us and it is with pride that we work with all our partners. We thank all partner organizations. We particularly welcome the support of Erasmus+, which has agreed to encourage our project, through their funding program.

Geraldine Mua

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Margaret Torkura

Backed by several years of proven experience, our team is equipped to help you achieve your goals on time.

our consultants

Our consultants are very experienced individuals with tons of working experience between them. heir proven track record is dependable.

Leadership Team

It is often said "Leaders are born not made". Our case is not different. Great leadership is the secret behind the success of every thriving organisation.