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Associação Intercultural Amigos da Mobilidade (AIAM) is a non-profit association based in Braga District, which specializes in European Internships Programs, promotes, organizes and supports international mobility programs, international meetings on topics of mutual interest, multiculturality and interculturality.

The association aims at being a cohesive and dynamic space, creating educational, cultural, social and recreational projects which promote its mission, values and goals. 

The projects and mobilities promoted by the association are destined to every citizen, and can take place on a local, national and international level, due to partnerships and networks with other public and private organizations. Any citizen, regardless of age, gender, occupation, race and nationality can become participant of mobilities that AIAM organizes. We work as host and a receiving organization and intend to offer to the participants of other countries the chance to have vocational orientation and/or labor experience to improve the capacities, to acquire know-how, to be initiated in a professional career and to achieve success. 

During 2019, the association hosted more than 3000 participants from 26 different countries.